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#BookReview Dark of the Night by Marios Savva

The Blurb reads,

It now followed her to Whitesands. Everyone who took part in it with her had died horribly. There was no escaping it. It would get her too. Who could save Jane from the inevitable?
Sheriff Jake, the sheriff of Whitesands, a former inspector of Scotland Yard and world renowned detective, now faced his greatest ever challenge. With the help of his best friend and deputy, Chief, these brothers-in-arms will be tried and tested like never before.
The tragedies that ensue will darken the days of Whitesands. Will Jane be saved? Everyone would give their all to do so. But, would it be enough?
It lurks in the shadows to bring destruction to those brave enough – or foolish enough, to try and stop it. It will not be denied. Or will it ..

the dark of the night

What I really liked about this book, was that the book was written in such an easy way. It had a really relaxed flow about it. I was very much at home with the characters. Inspector Jake is an affable and likeable character. I found the fact that he migrated from Scotland Yard to a small town in United States to be very fascinating!

The main crux of this book, the mystery borders on the realm of being paranormal. Jane finds herself in a quandary. She participated in an experiment with her friends in her aunt’s basement. They played with an Ouija board and ventured into something which should have been left alone. Will those disturbed spirits let them be? Why are they killing every friend? What can Jane do to quell these spirits and to make sure she stays alive? Can intelligent Sheriff Jake do something about a power he has no idea of comprehending or catching?

This book was an enjoyable coffee table read. It had just the right amounts of highs and lows. I am used to reading fast paced mysteries and this was a change. I really understood Jane’s fears. The author has done such a great job of making Jane a believable character.

My Rating: 3.5/5


Author Bio:


I am a Psychologist living in Birmingham, England. Although I was born in the UK, I am from the lovely island of Cyprus.I have the fervent desire to write books on psychology for people around the world to read. I like to make my books interesting and with a little humor as some psychology material can get ‘heavy’. STRESS: WE CAN MASTER IT, is my first book in the Psychology and Health series. I have another five books in this series in kindle store: Depression, Body Image, Drugs and Addictions, I want to Sleep, and Know Thyself. I have just published my first novel which is a suspense thriller. I thoroughly believe this novel, as well as the others I am currently working on, will be a great read, as, being a psychologist with experience (and a creative imagination!),I am in a position to create something somewhat unique.
I Hope you enjoy my books.
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