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The Funky Female P.I is Here- Jose Picada P.I: Deception Al Dente by Heather Fraser Brainerd

The blurb reads

Having left the dull life of workers’ comp insurance behind to strike it out as a private detective, things aren’t going well for Josie P. Cates. Her new career isn’t as exciting — or lucrative — as she thought it would be. As her bank account dwindles, her first major client finally walks in the door. Chef Marco, a successful local restaurateur, hires Josie to find out who’s skimming money from his business. It doesn’t take long for Josie to discover that things at Bistro Italiano aren’t what they seem. Secrets seem to cling to Chef Marco like splattered marinara sauce. With the help of friends both old and new, Josie unravels a case that takes her from the bistro to the world of deadly dark magic. At least it keeps things from being too boring.

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You know, I’ve always wanted to read about a spunky female detective.

Last year, I chanced on a series called Brett Cornell series. Brett’s an unscrupulous detective who is in your face!!

Read my review of Brett (#1) here.

And it always made me wonder, what if the roles were reversed? What if we had a female investigator who was brazen? Who was exciting. And this book did it for me. Josie is just that type of a character.

And what better beginning than the hero (I think that every heroine is equivalent to a HERO!) saying that life is too boring.

Josie finds herself in a rut. Her job isn’t moving fast enough and the routine is lost on her. She can’t seem to want a change fast enough. That is when her life changes. She gets called to investigate and finds that there is more to the soup than meets the eye.

Deception al Dente - CoverThis book was a riot of ups and downs. Not only was it a mystery but it also combined the paranormal. I’d never have thought that it would make sense to combine these two genres. I was surprised by this book.

I’m looking forward to more adventures from Josie or Jose!! I applaud this book because it is about a female detective! That takes spunk from the authors and I appreciate them for that!

My Rating: 4/5

I am definitely watching out for some more from this P.I