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The What the #? Book- The Possibilities of Amy by Jaye Frances


The Blurb Reads

Amy is the ultimate trophy girl—gorgeous face, killer body, and a vivacious personality. But there’s something else about her, something that makes her even more special. Amy is new. A transfer student from out of state, she’s starting her senior year without knowing a soul. And that means she’s up for grabs, available.

 Infatuated from the moment he sees her, David is determined to meet Amy, and if the fates are willing, to spend the rest of his life with her. But his shyness prevents him from approaching her—until his friends devise a contest to determine who will be the first to prove their manhood by seducing her.

Let me be upfront. I didn’t understand this book. A lady wrote about men fantasizing about women and it turns out to be great? Especially when 60% of the book is a half baked, incomplete story and the balance 40% is advertising for other books?

I’m glad I didn’t purchase this one. If I would have, I’d have Returned it and Deleted it from my Kindle.

Alright, so the book starts off with Amy. Gorgeous, beautiful Amy and three jocks who put her on The List, where every gorgeous woman from the school had a dubious number allotted to them.

At this point, I was still sufficiently invested in the story. Dave spent hours, nights and days fantasizing about Amy. How they would meet, talk and even kiss. He imagined a life ahead with Amy without taking the essential step of moving forward and asking her out.

Dave finds his territory threatened when his friend Pete makes Amy his next acquisition. Although Pete is a man of many words but less action, he beats Dave in asking Amy out.

The next part is WASTED on Dave’s self pity, anger and guilt over Amy. Dave finally gets the courage to ask Amy out. What transpired next shocked me!

The next part talks about the date and then BOOM! Amy has to move, sob sob sob and END OF STORY!

Geez, whatever happened to writing about even one character who distinctly made SENSE? The book ended with no logical conclusion or any sense. It felt like Dave just woke up from a dream and said, “Oh! This was a pointless chapter of my life. I’ve wasted your time and money on a totally pointless and insignificant memory which I still linger on!”

Possibilities of Amy - CoverI didn’t like this book AT ALL! It didn’t make ANY sense to me. It felt like the author wrote it for the heck of putting out another book to her name. This is simply conjecture though! I don’t know why someone would write such a pointless story which had no meaning and no conclusion!

My Rating: 0/5

thumbs down

Sadly, my first review has to be this one!! Not worth it. If anyone recommends this, you know it is a paid promo! Please, please invest your time and money somewhere else!