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#Fascinating Sci-Fi: The Van Laven Chronicles- Throne of Novoxos by Tyler Chase

The Blurb Reads

Sometimes the enemy within is worse than the enemy without…

Lord Comron Van Laven is the brave but deeply troubled heir to throne. Lady Vaush Bastionli, is the spirited daughter of his mortal enemy, the one woman he should never love. But when a cruel twist of fate forces them to rely on each other for their very survival, old hatreds are supplanted by something far too powerful for them to resist.

But a startling revelation about Vaush’s true origins threatens to destroy Comron’s kingdom. Meanwhile, his own deeply disturbing family history may prove to be his undoing. Possessed by his fiery passion for Vaush, yet compelled to protect his realm, Comron embarks on a thrilling, inter-planetary odyssey that plunges the couple into the midst of epic battles and raging political power struggles.

Those seeking to kill or control Vaush relentlessly hunt the two as they race to Novoxos where Comron can help Vaush fulfill her destiny and save the Empire from a horrible, apocalyptic fate. If only Comron’s internal chaos doesn’t destroy them first!

van laven chronicles

You’re probably wondering, this is a ROMANCE ONLY blog!! Why am I picking up books which aren’t harcore romance! Well, this book has an endearing forbidden love story which makes it PERFECT for the blog!

The blurb reads,

“Obsessed with Vaush and the desire to protect his realm, Comron embarks on a thrilling odyssey that plunges them into the midst of epic battles and political power struggles, all while being relentlessly pursued by those seeking to control or kill Vaush”

To tell you the truth, I read the first line,

“An action-packed, psychological thriller that explores the depths of obsession and betrayal, and the shocking lengths a man will go to hold on to what he desires most.”

And then I started. And that is where I was taken aback.

There are those books which blow your socks off because they are so well written. This was one of them.

I felt a lot for Comron, surprisingly. He was dominating, ruthless and cold and I didn’t think I would end up siding him. But seeing his love for Vaush and the way he fought and stood up for her, it made me a total convert. It really reminded me of the adage that there is always something soft inside a man who is gruff.

I felt the fight between Ti-Laros and Van Laven was something we commonly saw in the world around us. With people refusing to engage in a dialogue, relations simply crumbled and so much of progress stalls because we are simply suspicious of each other.

I felt Crausin was a fantastic character. He gave me nightmares with the way he lost his stability in the book.

I also felt that the villagers who help Comron and Vaush when they are frozen were sweet. It reminded me that those with riches were often those with constricted hearts and spent too little. Those who have little to begin with, are much more generous to part with it. It is one of the great ironies of life.

I wanted the next book when I finished this one!

I hope the author releases the book soon enough!


My Rating: 4/5