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#Quotables- The Conversation by Jeff Cannon

“Some moments gain in importance and others fade depending on how much energy you feed to each memory, or how much you want each to be a part of your life. Your desire for a particular type of life creates that life based on the experiences you allow in. But your life is different than your existence. Your life is temporary. Your existence is not.”

Jeff Cannon. The Conversation


“You choose to live how you are living. How you experience life and how you remember it is based on the energy you place on each event you live through. That is what forms it. It is why some people live a lifetimeĀ in a single breath and why others spend an eternity breathing without ever experiencing what life truly is.”

Jeff Cannon. The Conversation




Hello World!




Here’s my first post in my Brand New Blog dedicated to all those authors who wrote beautiful books which made us laugh, cry, swoon and fall in love again!!

Here’s my dedication to all those authors who make the world a lot more beautiful with their romance novels!!

I promise to read and review as many Romance Novels as I can and help you discover many reads which will make you smile and believe that the world is not so bad after all!!