#Quotables- The Conversation by Jeff Cannon

“You create the world you live in. That world is simply a mirror of your energy. The energy you send out is the energy you receive. It is why the world you live in is limited. It is the world you allow yourself to be a part of. That is why I am from within you. It is why I am a part of you while still being from without you.”

Jeff Cannon. The Conversation

“A mile is but an inch if you step back far enough. No matter where you go the energy of you is always there. In truth, we are all just moments away from wherever we are going. The true distance is in knowing why we are going there.”

Jeff Cannon. The Conversation

“Each one of us experiences the events of our existence from a unique perspective. Your perspective is different from that of anyone else. No matter how slight the difference, each of our experiences vary. And that minute difference makes all the difference in the universe. Understanding your perspective is the first step to understanding what is reality and what is your reality.

Jeff Cannon. The Conversation


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