#GuestPost by Y.L Parker: Angel Wings

images (1)The angel exhibits unconditional love or man. Man need not be afraid of the angel because the angle like man is a creation of god. God made both the angel and man. The angles are higher more sophisticated beings than man sent to help man. Man is made of clay the angel made of pure light. The angel will love you forever. The angels bring and show us gifts. The greatness of these gifts is love, faith, and hope. Angels show us our true path and duty. It is their duty to show us our duty. This is to show love to one another. They teach us and guide us when we forget and fall, and give us the strength and direction to stand.

Author Bio

YL Parker was born and resides in  North Carolina. She has been a teacher for over 18 years. She was a Lecturer online at King Khalid University in Languages and Translations in 2013.  She is a Professor at National University College online. She has always loved stories ever since she was a young girl.

She wrote screenplays for ten years and now has brought her storytelling to books.

She has BA in English and a MA in Teaching and Learning with Technology.

Book Blurb

Diana Deluna an eighteen year old  who has just moved to Rome. She meets seven archangels. She is thrust into a  world of intrigue,evil vs. justice. The first book takes her on a journey to find true love. She and her boyfriend are faced with big decisions that will change the rest of their lives.



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